Halo-Halo Cookie Skillet Recipe by Rezel Kealoha

Halo-Halo Cookie Skillet Recipe by Rezel Kealoha

Halo-Halo Cookie Skillet Recipe

Want to try a Filipino classic dessert with a twist? Try this Halo-Halo Cookie Skillet recipe developed by Rezel Kealoha

You can now enjoy halo-halo flavors even if it’s no longer summer. Make it for the holidays for friends and family, or even on a random Saturday while binge watching your favorite show.

You don’t even need to boil and mash your own ube. You can make these with our easy to use Filiflavors Kitchen Staples Ube Powder. Our powders are made with real ube, it’s natural, no sugar added, vegan, and overall good for you. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this recipe :)

Prep Time 15 Minutes
Chill Time 24 Hours
Cook Time 20 Minutes
Serves Up to 6-8 People



4 Mini Skillets (4-5 inches in diameter)Or One 8 Inch Skillet

Coconut Spray



½ Cup Unsalted Butter

½ Cup Coconut Oil

1 Cup Super Fine Sugar

¼ Cup Light Brown Sugar

1 Egg

2 Cups Flour

½ Cup Filiflavors Kitchen Staples Ube Powder

1 Teaspoon Salt

1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

1-2 drops Ube Essence

¼ Cup Freeze Dried Strawberry

¼ Cup Chopped Dried Mango

¼ Cup Chopped Freeze Dried Langka (Jackfruit)

¼ Cup Banana Chips

¼ Cup Roasted Pinipig

½ Cup White Chocolate Chips



Coconut or Vanila or Ube Ice Cream

2 Tablespoons Dried Strawberry

2 Tablespoons Roasted Pinipig

2 Tablespoons Macapuno

¼ Cup Nata De Coco (make sure it’s somewhat dry)

Strawberry Wafers



Place the butter and coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl.  Heat up 30 seconds at a time until both are melted.  

Add both the super fine sugar and light brown sugar.  Mix well.  Add in the egg and whisk until nice and smooth.


Add in the flour, Filiflavors Kitchen Staples Ube Powder, salt, and baking powder.  Mix lightly until it forms a dough. If the dough looks a little pale add 1 to 2 drops of Ube Essence, not going overboard. It doesn’t need to be too purple.


Next, add in your “Halo-Halo” mix-ins:  strawberry, mango, langka, banana chips, pinipig and white chocolate chips. Mix until everything is evenly distributed. Cover the bowl and leave to rest overnight.


The next day take out the dough and leave on the counter to get to room temperature (about 30 minutes).


While the dough is on the counter, spray your skillet with coconut oil and preheat your oven to 350C.


Evenly divide the dough into each skillet, making sure it’s not overfilled.  Leave at least 3 cm clearance as the dough will rise and expand.


Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the edges are crispy but the middle is still slightly gooey.


Take your skillets out of the oven and serve with your choice of ice cream and toppings.


Note that this batter can make regular size cookies as well.  Use a tablespoon or ice cream scooper to portion out the dough into a baking sheet. Cookies will bake in 12 minutes.


Enjoy! :)


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