ReciPinoy Kit - Ube Queso Graham Float

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We're bringing the best flavors of the Philippines right to your doorstep.
Filiflavors’ ReciPinoy Kits aim to share easy Filipino recipes that you can make at home using simple grocery items and ingredients that are conveniently included in your kit.

Food is a love language for Pinoys. It’s one thing to buy Filipino food, desserts, and snacks, but it’s extra special when you make it. It can seem intimidating to make Filipino food, but trust us, we know what you mean. ReciPinoy Kits is our way of encouraging you to dip your toes into exploring Filipino flavors.

Our first kit is perfect for the holidays. It’s an Ube Queso Graham Float. Graham Float or what is also known as Ref Cake or Ice Box Cake is an easy dessert that is present in a lot of Filipino parties. I’ve been making the typical Mango Graham Float for years but we wanted to give this kit an extra Pinoy twist by using Ube and Queso.

Don’t know how to make pies for the holidays or any other occasion? Make a Graham Float instead. This is a no-bake dessert that you can make on your own, with the kids and the entire family, or you can also gift it to loved ones. The contrast between the sweetness of Ube and the saltinesses of Queso will surely be a hit at your family party or that party in your tummy.

ReciPinoy Kit - Ube Queso Graham Float

  • Ingredients good for 9-12 servings
  • Recipe Card
  • (1) Tagalog Magnet
  • (1) Filiflavors Sticker
  • Comes in a beautifully designed box, paper wrap, and an optional note for your custom message
  • Designed by Filipina artist "The Curious Creative"
  • Inspired by Filipino culture: Jeepney, Lechon, Simbahan, Pamaypay, Banderitas, etc.
  • Perfect for gifts or a personal treat
  • Dimensions: 9x6x3