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Best of Both Worlds Assorted Chocolate Box

Best of Both Worlds Assorted Chocolate Box

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We're bringing the best flavors of the Philippines right to your doorstep.

Have you ever tasted chocolate inspired by the heritage and festivals of the Philippines? Auro, no doubt fits the bill. An overall elevated experience that you’ll want more of after each bite.

What about out-of-the-ordinary chocolate flavors with a Filipino twist? Adobo in chocolate form is an experience in itself. Theo & Philo crafts unique chocolate flavors that will surely bring delight to your palate.

Say no more, we’ve brought both worlds together for you and/or your loved ones to enjoy. An assorted array of the highest quality chocolates from the Philippines in one box.

“Auro Chocolate is an internationally awarded tree-to-bar chocolate brand that promotes sustainability by working directly with local farmers to create fine Filipino cacao beans, ingredients and retail products with unique and bold tropical flavors.”

”The story of Theo & Philo is one borne out of a passion for food, fearless flavors, and the Filipinos’ timeless love affair with chocolate.”


7 Assorted Chocolates

- 3 Auro Chocolate Bars - below are the flavors that may be included in your assorted box. No flavor substitution is available.

  • Salted Peanut (Vegan)
  • Calamansi Cheesecake (Vegan)
  • Mocha Crunch (Vegan)
  • Cashew Dulce
  • White Chocolate (32%) 
  • Don Papa Rum-Infused Dark Chocolate (Vegan)

- 4 Theo & Philo Chocolate Bars - below are the flavors that may be included in your assorted box. No flavor substitution is available.

  • Milk Chocolate Turon
  • Milk Chocolate Adobo
  • Milk Chocolate Barako Coffee
  • Milk Chocolate Pili and Piniping
  • Dark Chocolate Calamansi
  • Dark Chocolate Green Banana Chips & Pink Salt
  • Dark Chocolate Black Sesame and Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate Green Mango and Sea Salt


    • Comes in a beautifully designed box

    • Designed by Filipina artist "The Curious Creative"

    • Inspired by Filipino culture: Jeepney, Lechon, Simbahan, Pamaypay, Banderitas, etc.

    • Perfect for gifts or a personal treat

    • Dimensions: 9x6x3

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