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Theo & Philo - Calamansi Chocolate

Theo & Philo - Calamansi Chocolate

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We're bringing the best flavors of the Philippines right to your doorstep.

Have you ever tried out-of-the-ordinary chocolate flavors with a Filipino twist? Calamansi in chocolate form is an experience in itself. Theo & Philo crafts unique chocolate flavors that will surely bring excitement to your palate.

”The story of Theo & Philo is one borne out of a passion for food, fearless flavors, and the Filipinos’ timeless love affair with chocolate.”




    • Dark Chocolate with Calamansi 65%
    • 45g
    • 4.5x2.5 in
    • Brand: Theo & Philo
    • Made in the Philippines
    • Shipping is available throughout the US and worldwide 
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