Pilya Pili

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We're bringing the best flavors of the Philippines right to your doorstep.

As part of our goal of providing representation to Filipinos, we also want to continue honoring our heritage by telling new stories of emerging Filipino-owned brands. 

Pilya is a woman-owned, Filipino-American brand and their products are made in the Philippines. This is a vegan-friendly treat that you can enjoy or share with loved ones.

"Pili are super nuts. A superfood, they're low in carbs, higher in Omega 3, and power packed with Magnesium and Vitamin E. The best pili nuts in the world come from the volcanic soils of the Philippine province of Bicol, where these tough typhoon-hardy trees grow in the wild, and are carefully hand-harvested. Our nuts are packed at the source to reduce our manufacturing footprint and to directly benefit the local community. We rely on the expertise of local farmers who've been cultivating and hand-shelling pili for generations." 


  • Pilya Pili Flavors- Original, Seasalt, and Cacao + Activated Charcoal
  • 30g per pack 


    Note: This particular item/set does not include our designed box and magnet. It will come in regular packaging but will still include our sticker and our story card.